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Here at Positive Future Youth our aim is to support young girls and women to flourish and live a positive life.

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My purpose in life is to create a community of young women who are confident, resilient and eager to learn. It is this passion that drives Positive Future Youth and I’m get a real kick out of seeing others with the same drive and passion.

Shine From Within has the same passion and together we would like to see others, with this same calling, receive the skills needed to teach and support girls and teens flourish by supporting the growth of confidence, wellbeing and resilience, reduce anxieties and feel at home in their own skin so they can make their unique mark on this world.

If our passions align and you would like to see yourself in the business of working with and supporting the growth young, strong, and smart young girls, then click below to find out about Shine From Within‘s wonderful course.

Bonus offer – When you sign up to this wonderful course you will receive a free copy of my book Be Positive.